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Personal Stories & Reviews

"Elemum worked great for me while I was pregnant. My little girl was constantly kicking my bladder causing me to leak a little bit of pee. My skin was super sensitive throughout my pregnancy, so I loved using a product that was free of irritating chemicals."

"I use cloth diapers for my babies, so I wanted to give mama pads a try. For me, there's no going back! They do everything they need to do; they keep me feeling dry, they stay in place, and they even fold up into a little pouch. Why keep wasting money on sanitary products you literally throw away?" 

"It's not something I love talking about, but since having kids, I experience light bladder leakage. Elemum pads keep my clothes dry - even after jumping on a trampoline." 

"I really like the organic cotton material and thoughtful design. The cotton pad is trimmed with a waterproof edge so that moisture doesn’t wick on to your clothes. Low profile pad, stays in place pretty well!"